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M|A|G Designs' Philosophy.

We believe in involving our clients in the conception of Interior Design projects. We invest the necessary time to understand the client's lifestyle, existing business operations, taste and requirements. Our wish is to provide our clients with elegant and harmonious interiors, open to modern trends but in line with the client's personality.

M|A|G Designs has spent considerable time sourcing suppliers and craftsmen, particularly in Italy, France and the UK. We constantly update and select suppliers that echo our philosophy and thus offer the client a variety of high standard furniture, flooring, and accessories. We blend antique pieces with those supplied by contemporary designers.

M|A|G Designs has a passion for details. We select each furniture item with great care and make sure that each piece will be perfectly integrated in the scheme built for you. Client's needs, professionalism, appropriate sourcing and a passion for detail define our philosophy.

M|A|G Designs' Services.

M|A|G Designs Ltd is an Interior Design company capable of handling commercial and residential projects internationally. Our designers and partners are committed to offering highly professional services adapted to their client needs, schedules and budget.Careful attention is paid to ensure total client satisfaction both during and after completion of the project.

These services include:
- Interior Design consulting

- Renovation and decoration of existing residential or commercial interiors

- Interior Design of new building projects, in association with lead architect

- Custom furniture pieces constructed by master craftmen

M|A|G Designs works closely with associate architects from different countries, surveyors and appropriate building companies, following client needs. We are also able to set-up a working team (project manager, builder, sub-contractors) at short notice. Depending on the project, this team can be local or sent from Italy to cover specific skills. A comprehensive design package can also be offered, including IT & Audio-visual equipment, lighting design, etc.

International Interior Design Association, British Institute Of Interior Design, Mathilde Grouvel
Mathilde Grouvel Architecte d'Intérieur

Mathilde Grouvel.

Member of the British Institute of Interior Design

and the  International Interior Design Association.

Finalist at FX International Interior Design Awards

for Best Commercial Design of the Year 2005

LALIQUE Showroom in Bond Street - London.

IDFX December 2005 Finalist

for Bathroom Designer of the Year.

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